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Xsilva Lightspeed Pos Software Can Help Grow Your Small Business

Pos Software or Point of Sale Software is something that many small businesses are using the help them expand and make more money. One of the most popular types is the Xsilva Lightspeed Pos Software. This software is designed to help businesses make sales and manage every aspect of them.

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This software also boasts some great tools to track customers and maintain a heavy duty database of clients. Pos software is designed to save businesses time and money, thus raising their profits.

One of the many benefits of the Xsilva Lightspeed POS software is its ability to provide many retail solutions to small businesses. The MAC interface in the software allows you to manage your invoicing much easier and faster. This software also features several built in fraud detection measures to allow you to keep all of your inventory tracked.

The graphic capabilities of the system make it easy to add things to your client's invoice that they have ordered. It also has a built in credit card processing capability and the ability to input discounts and calculate them quickly.

Many small business owners are looking for ways to simplify their checkout process. Xsilva Lightspped POS Software takes the check out process to new levels of simplicity and design. Customers can very quickly have their barcoded items scanned and input into the system.

The employees can also use the system to print out small receipts or a full page receipt with color pictures of the products that were purchased. When this system is sitting idle, rather than just going to a simple screen saver or sleep mode, it can display full color advertisements for products in the store.

The Xsilva Lightspeed POS Software can truly manage all aspects of the small business whether you are running a grocery store, a restaurant or a cellular phone company. The options for using this product are virtually endless.

If you need to manage time sheets and how much time your employees are spending on projects, this product can handle it. If you have multiple stores, the software can be linked to do multi store look ups on products and inventory.

Gift cards are always popular items to buy and the Lightspeed software can print bar codes that can be placed directly onto the cards. This makes managing them and tracking the amounts very simple. Finally, one of the biggest keys to having a successful business is getting return customers.

This software can manage a database full of customers so you can send out mass mailings and notify customers of upcoming special promotions or events.


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