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Give Your Business The Edge With Keystroke POS Software

No matter what type of business you own or may be thinking of opening, you know that providing your customers with the best service possible will increase the chances of them returning to your establishment. There is nothing more frustrating to a customer than to make a special trip to purchase an item and find out it is out of stock.

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If that happens on their first trip to your business, it is not likely that they will return. If they do find what they are looking for, you must make sure that your sales staff is well trained and courteous. The check out process should be simple and quick, with efficient credit card processing and check verification in place.

By using the right POS system you can effortlessly take care of business. Keystroke Pos Software is the perfect solution for any service, wholesale or retail business. This software solution is a practical and very powerful inventory control and sales management system that will greatly improve the profitability and efficiency of nearly any operation. 

Keystroke Pos Software enables staff to collect all necessary information for service orders, lay-aways, gift registry, receipts, sales invoices and recurring charges.  Items can be entered with a quick search look-up, manual entry or the efficient bar code scan.

The system supports the use of securely encrypted pin pads when using debit or ATM cards for payment. It will support the use of electronic scales, age verification, weighed item support and food stamps. Cash reconciliation is a breeze and can be managed by clerk assigned tills, workstations or drawers.

It is easy to check and verify inventory when using the Keystroke Pos Software. There are multiple ways to search for any information that may be needed by accessing either the customer, inventory, clerk or vendor databases. The possibilities with this software are nearly limitless.

This is the perfect solution no matter what size the business may be. This system allows for functionality to be added, meeting the needs of a business as it grows.

Database records and transaction history is stored indefinitely so every bit of valuable data will be instantly accessible. System access and the databases are protected by the multi-level security system that uses encrypted passwords. Security is further enhanced with a hidden audit trail that is capable of recording every single keystroke.

Keystroke POS Software is in use in mom and pop retail stores as well as chain stores that have a large number of registers. It is both reliable and affordable, making it the perfect solution for any business.


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